Now how powerful is this letter? This week our film crew received this letter written  by 5 year old Zaire Hampton to DCFS when his 10 year old sister Harmonie was removed from their home. After reading it I felt a myriad of emotions. At first I was saddened that his family had to endure having Harmonie removed from their home for what appears to be reasons of poverty. Then I felt like I would like to work with this population when I graduate which shocked me considering I’ve been preparing to work with gang-involved and gang-oriented youth for the past 5 years. Then I felt overwhelmed by the amount of social problems that are affecting minorities from lower socioeconomic communities. Then I felt thankful that I ended up working on this project with my film crew because it opened my eyes to another social problem I wasn’t aware of. Lastly, I felt that I needed to volunteer some of my time this summer to the DCFS Give Us Back Our Children group. Please let our film crew know what emotions this powerful letter stirs up inside of you. Thanks!!! Until next time thanks for supporting our documentary and we look forward to sharing more with you later.